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We are an organization gaining practical experience in the business procedure outsourcing division. We have an unbroken reputation of many years in creating positive profits. We pride ourselves on our broad operational focus.

Above & Beyond Tech LLC

Our Professional Team is a knowledge based group which deed to provide best and wide spectrum of corporate services at one stop. We wish to establish ourselves as a destination where all paths in hunt for corporate solutions end.

Sales Oriented: We focused on making the best product and services with considering customer's wants or needs.

Offshore Services: Our Company is available for all categories of business and across the world.

Reliability: We offer reliable Services and solutions according to your business needs.

IT Consultation: We provide IT consultation services to all our clients. Contact us for free IT consultation.

Why Our Company

We are the organization in USA that have call centers including help desks, outbound/inbound call centers or customer service desks are increasingly using Business Process Optimization. Our bridges systems and functional units to help organizations offer more consistent, responsive customer service. We give managers and employees a view into core processes, enabling faster problem resolution through providing access to the information required.

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When other marketing efforts fail to generate responses from high-priority accounts. We work with our clients to determine criteria for account revenue & industry then our staff use modern techniques for their company’s business needs.
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Sales Representation

If you’re serious about the future of your company, you realize that growth and client retention are key. Our sales outsourcing solutions help you grow while retaining current clients.

Telecom Services

 We are USA based IT & Telecommunication Services provider and System Integrator with extensive experience in designing and delivering terrestrial network solutions by providing innovative applications and high value-added services, we create new opportunities for mobile and fixed line telecom operators, internet service providers, vendors and partners to boost performance, reduce costs and retain customers.  We are licensed Services provider with seamless Managed connectivity solutions for Carriers and Corporate segments of the market. Vision Telecom has partnerships with Long haul and Metro Optical Fiber Cable network service providers for intra-country connectivity and sub-sea marine fiber cable operators for integrating International End-to End links.

Truck Dispatch Services

We have enough experience as truck dispatchers to retain our drivers on the road and to make sure that all the functions are working properly. Our persistent concern towards the market shows that we’ve gone through every detail of the market and make sure to reserve the topmost paying loads. The correspondence with America’s finest freight dealers makes certain of our experience in this industry. Our priority is to make a friendly environment for our clients and make sure to put forward top-notch care to our customers. If you want to grow in this industry, feel free to reach out to us!

Home Security

More than ever before it has become essential to provide proper protection for your most valuable possessions. Whether its protection for your home or your business premises that’s required don’t wait until an intrusion has occurred to take action. Our fully trained technicians can professionally install a security alarm system that provides just this protection in USA.

CCTV Cameras have become one of the most powerful security Tools of the age, putting a face to thousands of offenders daily, as well as providing safety and protection of your Home or Business. CCTV Security Cameras are now a major deterrent to any would be burglars. Access Control systems are utilized in many different Companies and organizations for a range of security management issues. 

Home Warranty

A home warranty is a yearly service contract which covers the repair and replacement of important household appliances and home system components in USA that inevitably break down over time. HOME WARRANTY PLANS allow you to safeguard your budget from expensive home repairs. Some common household systems and appliances that are covered by a home warranty Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher, AC and Heating Systems, Plumbing Systems, Garage Door Systems, And more!

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